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Tam Valley DRS line now distributed in North America by Dead Rail Installs

See the Tam Valley and Dead Rail Installs entires on the Dead Rail Suppliers page for details.

BlueRail ships more than 700 Boards, hints big product announcement soon

 Dave Rees of BlueRail Trains reports they've sold 700+ bluetooth loco control boards. Dave's press release also hints that he has a new product in the works that's the "best train control technology I can imagine" and will "make a lot of people happy". Stay tuned. 

Dead Rail Society co-founder Pete Steinmetz installs of TVM, CVP and BlueRail systems in locos with battery power. He sells complete Dead Rail kits for self-installers and is also a source of hard-to-find, high quality LiPo battery packs in the right sizes for smaller scales.

Facebook & Yahoo Groups


We have active groups on both Facebook and Yahoo. Great places to learn from others about their experiences with Dead Rail™.



The Dead Rail™ group on Yahoo has been active for several years and is an enormous collection of the latest ideas and equipment for Dead Rail™. A must. 

Dead Rail Society™ founder Pete Steinmetz established a Dead Rail™ group on Facebook which after a couple of months had over 50 members. Lots of posts with helpful hints, ideas, and news. Essential. 

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